The Power of Self-Responsibility

Meeka Anne
1 min readJul 8


Today, take a minute (or more) and think about the power of self-responsibility.

I read something today that opened my eyes wide about taking responsibility for our lives.

It’s from Wayne Dyer’s book, “Your Sacred Self.”

He says, “When you blame something outside of yourself for the circumstances you are experiencing, you give control of your life to that outer phenomenon.”

That resonated with me.

It makes so much sense.

we spend our lives blaming our childhood trauma, people who betrayed us, or even our health issues for where we are in life, then ultimately, haven’t we given control of our lives to these external forces?

How can we ever move on — move forward if we continually allow these things to control our minds?

Instead, let’s begin the practice of being grateful for the lessons we learned through all these mishaps and move into trusting our journey and moving toward what we envision for ourselves.



Meeka Anne

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