Tell The Universe You Are Ready

Meeka Anne
1 min readSep 8, 2023

Today, take a minute (or more) and affirm.

When we write affirmations and read them aloud, we send a message to the universe that we are ready.

The bathroom mirror, refrigerator, and car dashboard are three perfect locations to remind us who we are, what we strive for, and how we might get there. (Although, the universe will take the wheel on some of the getting there part.)

However, we still must act.

Let’s shy away from those gurus who tell us manifesting is as simple as just thinking about something.

Yes, manifestation and visualization are powerful, but action is equally important.

You might start with this one.

“Today, I balance my dreams with action. I set intentions, visualize, and take steps forward, trusting that the Universe will co-pilot my journey. I am both the dreamer and the doer, and in this harmony I find my power.”

Keep Shining and Pass the Glow. 🌟



Meeka Anne

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