Peace is Just Below the Surface

Meeka Anne
1 min readJul 25

Today, take a minute (or more) to dive beneath the surface.

By that, I mean submerging beyond that top layer of thoughts — you know, the constant chatter that often occupies the center stage of our minds.

In his book, “The Sacred Self,” Wayne Dyer draws several compelling analogies between a body of water and our minds.

Much like the water’s surface is prone to disturbances from wind, storms, and litter, our minds, too, are susceptible to a relentless barrage of thoughts — often repetitive, playing in an endless loop.

Yet, much as the deeper layers of the water remain unaffected by surface tumult, we can find tranquility within ourselves.

When we mute the external noises while sitting in silence, we can discover calm by immersing ourselves in meditation.

Imagine diving beneath your mind’s surface chatter, descending into a serene abyss untouched by noise and chaos.

Breathe in, dive deeper, breathe out, embrace peace.

Meeka Anne

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