Never Forget You Have Wings


Today, take a minute (or more) to think about nesting.

I climbed into a giant nest in Bali today.

Of course, my mind wandered to the philosophical idea of “the nest.”

I got very lodged into “the nest” for the past couple of years.

So much so that I thought that was all there was.

As always, we can look to nature for the answers.

As much as the fledgling bird needs the nest, eventually, the mother bird kicks it out so that it may fly.

So, nesting?

Is it good?

Is it bad?

I think it all comes back to balance.

Sometimes, we need to nest, but we should never forget that we have wings.



Meeka Anne

A mom, a writer, and, an entrepreneur who believes in lifelong learning and spiritual arts. Love yoga and chasing gurus. Visit for more