Happiness vs. Joy

Meeka Anne
Oct 23, 2022

Today, take a minute (or more) and think about cultivating joy.

Deepak Chopra says, “Happiness is always for a reason; joy is happiness without a reason.”

I often feel that happiness is much too fleeting — always attached to something.

I like to strive for contentment.

Joy is contentment on steroids.

Tools we might use to achieve joy — first and foremost — gratitude.

Second, wonder!

Finding wonder in the little things in life — the simple pleasures, enjoying nature, and nurturing our creativity all have the potential to activate joy.

Finally, sitting in stillness and listening to our inner voice can assist us in finding the way to living in joy and contentment.



Meeka Anne

A mom, a writer, and, an entrepreneur who believes in lifelong learning and spiritual arts. Love yoga and chasing gurus. Visit soulseekeracademy.com for more