Can you read your own mind?

Meeka Anne
1 min readSep 14, 2023

Today, take a minute (or more) and learn to read your mind.

Many of us know how to read a room — we walk in — access the situation — the energy — those we want to greet — those we want to avoid.

Yet, do we also give the same attention to our mind — our thoughts?

Where are the thoughts coming from?

What are our triggers?

Why do certain people set us off?

Why do we rewind the same thoughts again and again?

If we can learn to read and understand our thoughts better, we can learn to choose less toxic thoughts and move through our days more clearly and peacefully.

A couple of tools to hone in on these thoughts is stream-of-consciousness journaling, which means just releasing your thoughts freely on paper or solitary walks in nature for reflection.

We can also search for clues through guided self-inquiry, asking ourselves questions like:

‘Why does this situation bother me?’


‘What is the underlying emotion fueling this thought?’ can be revealing.

Seek your clarity.

Keep shining and pass the glow.



Meeka Anne

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