Beautiful Moments

Meeka Anne
1 min readJul 17

Today, take a minute (or more) and plan a beautiful moment.

How long is your to-do list for this week?

We have so many things to accomplish — so many errands to run — projects to finish.

We must remember that life is not just about accomplishing tasks. Have you ever put “experience a beautiful moment” on your list?

How about making that a practice for each week or each day?

Examples could be as simple as just walking outside, turning your face toward the sun and soaking up some vitamin D, or finding a quiet spot to enjoy your favorite tea uninterrupted. Perhaps, listening to children’s laughter or arranging flowers in a vase.

These moments don’t have to be elaborate or lengthy, but they should bring you joy and help you feel connected with the world around you. Remember, in the symphony of your life, you are the conductor.

Be sure to include some beautiful notes in your score.

You deserve it.

Meeka Anne

A mom, a writer, and, an entrepreneur who believes in lifelong learning and spiritual arts. Love yoga and chasing gurus. Visit for more