Adjust and Move On


Today, take a minute (or more) to think about how to adjust and move on.

Most of us will, at some point, find ourselves hit with unanticipated circumstances.

Be it a chronic disease, the loss of a loved one, or financial despair, these events often strike unexpectedly and may send us on a downward spiral.

We all need time to grieve, but once we catch our breath, our best path forward is often to adjust and move on.

Adjusting doesn’t diminish the gravity of our struggles.

Instead, it offers us the resilience and strength to change our perspective and helps us to learn to dance to the new song that is playing in the background of our lives.

Adjusting is grace.

Adjusting is self-renewal.

Move on and rebuild.

Look for synchronicity and joy as new doors open.

Keep Shining and Pass the Glow.



Meeka Anne

A mom, a writer, and, an entrepreneur who believes in lifelong learning and spiritual arts. Love yoga and chasing gurus. Visit for more