I am a mom, writer, and entrepreneur who spent about 25 years living in Bali, Indonesia. During that time, I raised my daughter solo (she’s all grown up), and designed a fair-trade network of hundreds (or maybe a couple thousand at the peak) of women who worked at home sewing my designs. I also had the amazing opportunity to nourish my soul by spending hundreds of hours with local priests, healers, herbalists, and yogis and attending dozens of Balinese purification ceremonies where I learned the power of ritual, blessings, and meditation. I expect my writing will start to expand and reflect my connection to the Balinese culture.

Three years before I left Bali, I took my first step as a writer when I had the opportunity to write about Balinese culture for a small English newspaper on the island. Anyone interested in Bali can find a digital version of these essays on Amazon through a search for Mixed Bali - Meeka Anne

Reinvention is a lengthy process. My writing journey has taken me down many paths - staff writer for Lifestyle magazines - editor of a community newspaper - blog and content writing - copywriting - and more.

During a time riddled with uncertainty and change, I have had to use every resource in my toolbox to maintain a manageable balance as I seek to discover my true calling.

Please visit my author page at meekaanne.com and my website devoted to the spiritual arts at soulseekeracademy.com.

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Meeka Anne

Meeka Anne

A mom, a writer, and, an entrepreneur who believes in lifelong learning and spiritual arts. Love yoga and chasing gurus. Visit soulseekeracademy.com for more